VOLT Light Leaders 2020-21

Values Oriented Leadership Training

Become a shining spark of Light for change

(Jeweils 4 Wochenenden in München, Berlin & Freiburg)

• Would you like to do more to make our world a better place for everyone?

• Are you looking for direct access to your inner core competencies and most valuable resources?

• Do you want your opinions and views to be heard and valued?

Now is the time!

Together we can tip the scales.

Join us in this intensive training and become a VOLT Light Leader!

Like many others who have worked on their personal growth, you may already have a spiritual sense of what is really important in your life. And now you wish to encourage and support others in a positive, constructive and sustainable way. It is high time to stop feeling small and incapable. Our world needs people who live spiritual values for the benefit of all. Values that are anchored in love AND whose importance for health and well-being has now been reliably scientifically proven. If this feels right to you, then VOLT - Values Oriented Leadership Training™ is just the thing for you and will support you in your intention.

The ancient mysteries and teachings are no longer reserved for a few, they are now accessible to us all. For the first time in human history, we can consciously self-regulate our body, our thoughts and emotions to positively influence our nervous system, our blood and our brain chemistry. This relaxes our body, our mind becomes clearer and we become emotionally more stable and conscious. And the astonishing thing is that this in turn improves social interaction sustainably. VOLT will not only provide you with the necessary tools, but also support you in your development so that you become master of these tools even in critical situations.

This may sound like hard work to you. But as always in our work I will guide you with ease and humor, and of course we will move our bodies, meditate with each other, exchange in circles and provide a safe and loving family connection. With all seriousness we will laugh a lot, guided by pleasure and well-being.

If you feel ready to go forward with VOLT, and if my invitation resonates in your heart and mind, you are welcome to join a group of VOLT Light Leaders near you.

In the Spirit, Otto


Weekend #1: Cultivate Inner Peace

The Light Leader trains in the art of calm and conscious self-love.

Weekend #2: Show Positive Purpose

The Light Leader trains in defining and clearly expressing personal intentions, desires and needs and the motivating rationale behind them.

Weekend #3: Follow Genuine Passion

The Light Leader trains in the art of curiosity and spontaneity, breaking out of old patterns in unpredictable ways and discovering a goldmine of innovation and charisma.

Weekend #4: Initiate Compassionate Partnership

The Light Leader trains in the dynamics of unconditional communication and in activating the vital role they play in the shift from “power struggle” to “power sharing” relations.


•  Prerequisite: A Workshop or an interview with Otto Richter, or at least a written recommendation from a former trainee.

• Schedule: (4 weekend workshops with integration assignments in-between and thereafter)

München beginnt im Okt. 2020

Berlin beginnt im Jan. 2021

Freiburg: (wird noch angekündigt)

• Schedule:

Sat. & Sun.

10:00am - 6:00pm

• Training Costs:

EUR 285€ pro Wochenende (inkl. MwSt.). Wenn du bereits zweimal an VOLT teilgenommen hast, möchte ich dich beim Weitermachen unterstützen, indem ich dir anbiete, dass du nur den HALBEN PREIS bezahlen musst.

Hinzu kommt eine einmalige Gebühr von 175€ für dein eigenes Bio-Feedback-Gerät, das du danach behalten kannst.

YES: I hear the inner calling and I’m ready to become a VOLT Light Leader!

Please forward me to the page with further details and the formal registration.



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