VOLT Light Leaders 2019-20

Values Oriented Leadership Training

a 4-month rite of passage

(in Munich, Berlin & Kloten near Zürich)


Follow this calling,

become an electrifying force for good.



• Do you see yourself as an influential person to whom others can turn to for advice, opinions and views?

• Do you feel an inner calling to play a role in cultivating conclusive, positive change in our world?

• Are you ready to take a quantum step upward in the quality of your contribution?

Wenn du diese Fragen mit JA beantwortet hast, dann lade ich dich ein, dich dieser intensiven Initiation zum VOLT-Light-Leader anzuschließen.


The winds of change are upon us. Maintenance of social equilibrium in this new wave of human history will call for an increase of leaders that nurture spiritual values stoutly based in love, and backed up by science.

You, like many others who have worked on their personal growth, may already have a spiritual sense of priority in your life. But at the same time, you may also deeply desire to be able to more powerfully affect others in your sphere of influence in a positive, uplifting and long-lasting way. The VOLT integration program has been designed for you to strengthen your connection to your higher, inner Source and increase your ability to maintain that connection in the midst of daily affairs - to levels you’ve never thought possible. Others will be influenced by your high values and touched by your refined energy thereafter, and will pass it on to others and they, to others further on.

Be a light unto the world. For the first time in known, human history we know how to consciously use our physiological behavior, thoughts and emotions to impact the nervous system and blood and brain chemistry in such a way that we literally heighten the vibrational frequency of our energy fields. But although we humans are able to quickly learn and to effectively use many self-help tools, we tend to forget to use those tools when they are most needed. Right? VOLT will not only provide you with the tools you need, but assist you in transforming into the new person you will need to become… to remember.

Wenn du dich bereit fühlst, mit VOLT voran zu gehen, und wenn meine Einladung in deinem Herzen und in deinem Geist Resonanz findet, dann hoffe ich, dass du dich unserer Gruppe „VOLT Light Leaders 2019-20“ anschließt.

In the Spirit, Otto



Weekend #1: Cultivate Inner Peace

The Light Leader trains in the art of calm and conscious self-love.

Weekend #2: Show Positive Purpose

The Light Leader trains in defining and clearly expressing personal intentions, desires and needs and the motivating rationale behind them.

Weekend #3: Follow Genuine Passion

The Light Leader trains in the art of curiosity and spontaneity; breaking out of old boxes in unpredictable ways and discovering a goldmine of innovation and charisma.

Weekend #4: Initiate Compassionate Partnership

The Light Leader trains in the dynamics of unconditional communication and in activating the vital role they play in the shift from “power struggle” to “power sharing” relations.

Video (2:00 Min.) auf Englisch



• Prerequisite: Mindestens einen Workshop oder ein Gespräch mit Otto Richter.

• Timeframe: (4 weekend workshops with integration assignments in-between and thereafter)

Berlin begins in January 2019

Kloten (near CH-Zürich) begins im May 2019

München beginnt im Okt. 2019

• Schedule:

Sat. & Sun.

10:00am - 6:00pm

• Training Costs:

EUR 285€ / 325CHf per weekend (incl. MwSt.)

In addition, there is a one-time fee of € 175 / CHf 200 for your own bio-feedback device, which you can keep afterwards (unless you already own one from a previous VOLT process).

YES: I hear the inner calling and I’m ready to become a VOLT Light Leader!

Please forward me to the page with further details and the formal registration.




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