HoloFlow Behandlung

HoloFlow Behandlung

"Deepening the flow of your Life Force"

with Otto Richter

HoloFlow™ is a new one-on-one treatment format designed by Otto especially for those who want a more intensive, therapeutic experience. Otto’s unique and unconventional style employs some of the mystical and shamanic approaches given in his 7-volume book set, The Human Hologram. By applying his sensitivities and abilities to the fulfillment of your specific needs, Otto will assist you in obtaining a freer, deeper flow of life energy through your entire system.


A HoloFlow™ treatment may contain:

• Holographic Overviewing to identify any restrictions or blockages of energy

• Holographic Perception & Projection to unveil possible, related causative factors and initiate improvement

• Special breathing exercises, vocalizing and movement work to unleash energy

• Manual energy-work

• Shamanic tools such as guided inner-journeying and power objects

• A take-home practice exercise for flow enhancement, if applicable.



• Length: 1.5 Hr

• Price: 195.- EUR plus 19% VAT

• Locations:

    • Offices of Anke Wustmann, Jacobistr. 2, 79104 Freiburg im Breisgau (regularly)
    • Offices of Robert Koch, Eduard-Schmid-Str. 28, 81541 München-Au (only by request)
    • Other places are possible with sufficient demand.

• Language: English

• The treatments are in no way meant as a substitute for psychotherapy or other forms of treatment of psychological or physical illness, but can be very supportive for their healing.


Booking Request:

Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please CONTACT US and let us know where and when you would like to have your treatment. Please specify the location of your choice and possible days. Limit time windows as far as necessary. You will then receive appointment proposals for the treatment.

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